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2019 FIRE TECH KOREA will be held on August 21-23, 2019. 

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General Information

Date: Aug 21st(Wed) ~ 23rd(Fri), 2019 The 

         set-up date : Aug 19th~20th 

         The removal date : Aug 23rd

Organizer: Korean Society of Fire Protection Professional Engineers, MICE FORUM

Supporting Agency: The Korean Federation of Fire Association, Korean Institute of Fire Science & Engineering, Korea Fire Facility Association, Korea Fire Protection System Management Association, The Korea Society of Disaster Information, Korea Fire Industry Cooperative, Fire Guarantee, Council for Fire Protection Engineering Professor, Korea Seismic Safety Institute

Main Purpose: 1. Developing domestic and foreign fire and disaster management industrial technology and expanding trade between relevant enterprises 

                        2. Promoting sales of participating enterprises by attracting interested buyer 

                        3. Seeking cooperation opportunity between fire and disaster management enterprises and understanding market trend and new product and technology 

                        4. Spreading safety culture in Korea against fire and disaster

Exhibition Item: 

■ Fire safety information system ■ Firefighting and prevention equipment ■ First aid supplies ■ Seismic design ■ Instrumentation and control engineering ■ Detection and sensing technology ■ Electrical fire protection equipment ■ Information delivery system ■ Evacuation guiding ■ Earthquake-proof ■ Seismic isolation products ■ Safety quality warranty ■ Fire and disaster protection products ■ Automatic redetection equipment and others ■ Smoke control system ■ Personal safety devices ■ Fire alarm system ■ Simulation ■ Disaster safety kit ■ Firefighting machine


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