Expo Name: China (Shanghai) International Emergency & Fire Safety Expo

Date:December 5th -7th, 2018

Venue:Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai, China

Pre-registration: https://www.wjx.top/jq/26154594.aspx

Exhibition Area:20,000 sq.m.





China Emergency Response Alliance

China National Machinery Industry Corporation

Xinxing Cathay International Group Co., Ltd.

China Aviation Supplies Holding Company

Shanghai Fire Engineering Equipment Industry Association


China National Machinery International Co., Ltd.

China Ocean Aviation Group Limited

Xinxing Cathay Emergency Industries Co., Ltd.

Guangdong XinHaiJun Development Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Lisheng Exhibition Co., Ltd.

CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Exhibition Profile

In the new era. China now is in a critical stage of finishing building a moderately prosperous society in all aspects. The government and the public have developed stronger awareness and higher demand for public security and social stability.

China (Shanghai) International Emergency & Fire Safety Expo 2018 follows the policy orientation and addresses people's needs, themed at "Building a Comprehensive International Platform for Security". We aim at holding a professional exhibition about emergency response. We hope that this platform can be helpful by promoting R&D in key technology and equipment, optimizing industrial structure, promoting Industrial agglomeration, supporting corporate expansion, marketing emergency response products and service and enhancing international cooperation in this regard.


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