Notice of participation
  • 9 square meters (3 meters x 3 meters) luxury standard booth equipment includes
    01 Basic booth building, 3 Amp power outlet one (maximum 500W)
    02 Booth three panels, 3 meters long and 3 meters wide x x 2.5 meters high (white)
    03 Booth fascia board, 3.5 meters high (English with company name and booth number) )
    04 Table 1
    05 2 chairs in the chair
    06 3 spotlights
    07 Booth carpet
    08 The basic content of the exhibition catalogue published
    09 Exhibitors directory online publication of the
    10 Audience invitation card
    11 Booth basic cleaning
    Standard booth description
    01 All the standard booths are designed and installed by the exhibition hall and the exhibition organizers.
    02 All standard booths for rental purposes only.
    03 Exhibitors are not allowed to structure of the standard booth to make any changes, or combination of which shall not be removed, if the exhibitors need removal or alteration of any standard facilities in the booth location (e.g., spotlights) before the exhibition exhibitors must notify the organizer before November 1st, the day after the change notice will not be accepted. Exhibitors are not allowed to change the standard booth fascia such facilities, otherwise the organizers will be punished and fined 2000 yuan.
    04 Any additional booth facilities or decorations may not be attached to the structure of the standard booth.
    05 Any standard booth decoration is independent of not more than 2.5 meters, or beyond the specified scope, including booth, booth fascia publicity objects and signs.
    06 No nails or any other attachments on the partition board or on the floor. If the installation and installation of the booth are damaged, the compensation shall be made by the exhibitors.
    07 Standard booth exhibitors if requested to add additional facilities, please notify the organizer before November 1st.
    08 If you have received a written request to the exhibitors in November 1st yet before, will be installed for the exhibitors booth exhibition hall.
    09 For the sake of safety, the exhibitors are not allowed to move the box without authorization.
  • Booth design approval

    The sponsor may request to change or modify the design pattern before approving the application for booth design, and shall have the right to consider rejecting the application.

    Specially designed booths must be approved in writing by the organizer before construction can be carried out.

    Specially designed booth exhibitors are required to ensure that their contractors are clearly aware of the following issues in the design of booths. In violation of the following principles, it may lead to the organizers and the exhibition center to modify their devices, so the expensive costs will be borne by the exhibitors.

    01 Site measurement with metric units shall prevail, exhibitors should pre construction drawings to confirm whether the scope of planning in accordance with the booth from the organizer, if not, should timely inform the organizers to make changes. The organizer shall not be responsible for any error reports after construction.
    02 All can not go beyond the specified range for light to any part of the booth, exhibitors including projection lamp and fascia board, company name and logo. Any components, decorations and exhibits in the booth shall not be higher than 4.5 meters, and the double layer (above 90 square meters) shall not be more than 6 meters. If the booth is designed to exceed the limit, it is necessary to apply to the organizer in advance to get approval before execution.
    Booth design approval
    01 Must comply with the "booth decoration notice" all matters.
    02 The structures must be built within the scope defined by the general assembly.
    03 You must use the regular booth carpet carpet tape, prohibited the use of once to clean materials, if any, cleaning costs by the exhibitors pay.
    04 Shall not be in the exhibition hall, the stairs Road, the elevator door, fire facilities, air conditioning air return air outlet and so on random chaos, chaos, chaos nail all kinds of exhibits, promotional materials or other signs.
    05 Do not use double-sided and single side plastic and other materials in the exhibition hall on the column of the column to paste any object.
    06 Shall not block the fire hydrant, shall not occupy the fire channel.
    07 Exhibit unit electrician and welder must be certified online, otherwise not allowed to enter the museum construction.
    08 All structures can not be capped, with the ceiling of not less than 50CM, and the distance from the wall is not less than 60CM.
    09 Do not use flammable or combustible materials for building and decoration, building materials should be used for booth non combustible and combustion diffusion rate of not less than 2, shall not be used for any other purpose fire equipment.
    10 The exhibition is not allowed in a fire, such as hot work (welding, gas welding and flame), the official contractor must pass to the Guangzhou City Fire Department to declare and handle the permit before construction.
    11 In the exhibition hall in electrical installation shall declare to the general contractor in advance, after examination, can be implemented in the general assembly under the supervision of electric power supply and install, prohibit the unauthorized Luanla wires.
    12 Booth drawings, including the positive, side, profile, indicating the size, material, to have the text description and the use of electrical load, and with the circuit diagram.
    13 Electric box at the beginning, to be installed in a clear, safe, easy to operate the location, self owned electric box must be with leakage protection (air switch, leakage switch).
    14 The Contractor shall have the right to refuse the design drawings or to ask the exhibitors to make changes.
    15 Without permission, not in the lobby of the construction, construction or assembly. Shall not change the structure of the building floors, walls, doors and windows, or other parts of the building. Any part of the building will not be driven into nails, screws or drill. Therefore, the losses caused by the responsible party.
    16 Please do not use the main facilities by pulling a banner. Fire sprinkler facilities or lighting is strictly prohibited hanging objects. The overhead not hanging the flag, the business can only be done by the staff, if any of the above requirements, but to the general assembly for the construction unit shall not carry weight: suspension and traction in the grid, without hanging once found, immediately removed, and given a fine processing.
    17 The carpet and other floor coverings are fixed to the ground floor with a single and double bottom adhesive tape, which is only allowed to be used. The use of glue in the stone floor or wall is not allowed. Do not allow any part of the building to be stuck on the back with a sticky (or paste) pattern or promotional material. If there is any violation, the cleaning fee paid by the exhibitors.
    18 Please do not carry with the same or similar exhibition, aluminum material entering the construction, if there is a need to use these items should be set up, before entering into the property department staff proposed inspection file, otherwise the exhibition hall has the right in dismantling of the above materials shall not be released.
    19 If the exhibition is not placed with the exhibition of products, once found, the organizer reserves the right to immediately seal off its booth, no need to make any compensation and retain all rights to be prosecuted.
    20 Exhibitors booth shall not have any booth structure out of the booth, once discovered, the organizers have the right to ask the exhibitors to change the booth structure.
    21 The above content, in order to show before the exhibitors guide.

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