• 08 2016
    Shenzhen smalite semiconductor Zhang Luhua: high efficiency products and light e Zhang Lu HUAWEI shows us the high efficiency products light efficiency is very high, and pointed out the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency for the way, the first one is the chip light output efficiency, the second is to enhance the fluorescent powder effect, and improve the efficiency of light bracket itself, but ultimately depends on the future of this product the trend.
  • 08 2016
    Technology Summit II: Materials Science and technology progress and enhance the In June 10th, by the well-known LED packaging manufacturer "Fujian tiandian Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd." exclusive title of "2016 Aladdin Lighting Technology Summit Forum" II: Materials Science and technology progress and improve the quality of lighting in Pazhou China import and export commodities trading center B District No. 8 south hall held a grand meeting room.
  • 08 2016
    Chen Hua: Shenzhen REFOND Optoelectronics Technology and application FEMC 2016 Aladdin lighting technology development forum source device and market technology summit, Shenzhen REFOND Optoelectronics Research and development director Chen Hua made the theme of "wonderful speech technical difficulties and application" of the FEMC.

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